Origin of Satta Matka and mode of playing

Satta Matka, popularly known as Matka gambling or just Satta, was an undeniable lottery game that began during the 1950s, when India got its Independence. Presently, it is generally played online. Despite the fact that gambling is illegal in India, it changes from one state to another. States in India can plan their own laws concerning gambling exercises.

What is matka gambling?

Back in 1950s, Ankada Jugar is widely popular which is now termed as satta matka. With the passage of time, these gambling game received great variations, only the word ‘Matka’ stayed with it. Nowadays, this matka game is named after the lottery game which is based on random number selection and betting. With the time, this game had seen various variations which finally lead to present time online gambling spots.

Where it all gets started?

It all get started during 1950s when people started betting on the opening and closing rates of the cotton, which then get delivered from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. Then in 1961, this practice halted as people are looking for some other options to keep this gambling option alive. This is where, the process of betting changed to pieces of paper.

The process of gambling goes like this; number from 0-9 are written down on pieces of papers and placed in a matka. One person will take out one number and announce the winning number. When this process become outdated, the system shifted to cards, wherein three cards are drawn to check out the winning numbers.

By the time, this gambling game had seen many variations. After many changes, the matka game shifted online wherein winning numbers are generated randomly. People can take part in such gaming activities from their place of comfort, through various websites, where such games are played on large scale.

How matka is played?

Currently, matka is played online. Though, the rules of playing the game are largely the same as before, people can reach the gambling websites and play the game. For assistance, people can go through the rules posted on the specific website and then begin playing the matka. Make assumptions and try luck. Remember to play the game for fun and don’t get too involved to avoid big risks.

Status of gambling in India

Gambling in the nation has been illegal since the British rule. The Public Gambling Act passed by the British Parliament in 1867 makes gambling illegal in India. However, some gambling activities like horse race are legal. Every state had its own governing law concerning the gambling activities. However, online gambling is legal and anybody can play it, at his own risk.  

Thus, to play online Satta Matka, you can pick genuine websites that offer the platform wherein you can try your luck and predict the numbers. If your number tallies with the announced numbers, you can certainly be the Satta King. Also, you can take part in Satta from the comfort of your home.