5 Interior Design Programs You Can not Miss

Need ideas about free design software interiors for PC? We are going to try to give you our recommendations on the free interior design programs that you can download.

Thanks to a 2D and 3D interior design software you can easily make your project from a raster image, a PDF, a 2D and 3D CAD drawing, or an IFC BIM file

Are you looking for an interior design software where you can draw in both 2D and 3D? Do you have a 2D design and want to quickly transform it into a 3D BIM model? Do you want to design directly in 3D and automatically get all 2D drawings and plans?

It is possible, since this article deals with interior design programs in general, that of course we also offer payment alternatives for those who are interested. The best interior design programs, it is logical that they are paid tools but do not worry, there are always alternatives for all of you who are interested in learning about interior design.

In this article I suggest an extremely useful tools for 2D and 3D interior design. In this article you can find

  • Interior design programs
  • The best program for interior design surely you can find.

Whatever home project you are thinking about, you need useful tools to be able to communicate with the greatest precision everything that you have in mind. For this, interior design programs have been designed. You will be able to visually develop your ideas, it is time for you to put down paper and pencil and start working with a suitable tool.

In this section of the web, we are going to provide you with a series of free interior design programs for PC.

SketchUp design software

The best program for interior design surely you can find.

Among all the tools you can find on the web, you will almost certainly not find a 3D interior design program as complete as SketchUp. When you start working with this software it will give you the impression that you are in your future home. There is an important difference between its two modalities, free and paid. The free design tool is designed for people who are newer and approaching the world of design. On the other hand, the Pro or premium option is geared towards people who are used to the field of architecture and construction.

Without the need for downloads, it is an online interior design program. You can access it from the browser you use. Among its great advantages is that you can access online without downloading heavy programs. It is a practical way to get closer to 3D design for free.

Among the advantages of accessing this tool you can find that it is an easy-to-use interior design program. It is a kind of first contact.

In addition, if you are one of the people who has to work as a team, you have 10Gb of space stored in the cloud so that you can get to work together.

One thing we love about the software is that you can pass your ideas on to other people without taking your computer to those who are going to design the interior of your home. With SketchUp Viewer, which is a mobile App, you can see and show the different 3D models that you have been working on.

Easy home, Home styler another free interior design program for PC

This is another one of the 3-month free interior design program to download that we are going to show.

This program is really one of those easy to use but you can get a lot out of it. At first it is easy to learn and the good thing about it is that it does not limit you. As you progress, you realize all the potential that you can get out of it if you get involved enough. It is a program that offers many construction elements, both for the design of interior and exterior plants as well as for furniture.

It is a great option whether you are a professional interior designer or you just want to redecorate your home and don’t know where to start. It does not matter; this application is one of the most complete and easy to use applications that you can download. You can carry out all the tests you want.

In this software, users will find a perfectly structured interface that contains all the necessary elements for interior design. We can place windows, tables, lights, etc. on any plane. Additionally, Home styler also provides us with 2D and 3D views of the design.

The software also includes a large number of customization options and tools to improve the design.

After the design is complete, you can capture still images or create interactive 360-degree visuals to share with. This concept of working in the cloud allows you to interact with different users, share designs through social networks or by email, and save your work to access them from anywhere, as long as you have a network connection.

It has an online version (available on a computer), as well as iOS and Android versions for mobile phones and tablets, all free.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner – Free Interior Design Program

Here we present another free interior design program in Spanish, it is a very practical English software. Among its advantages is that you do not have to download it. It is an online interior design program .

The designers of the Roomstyler 3D Home Planner design software came up with a rather innovative idea; Instead of consumers having to pay for interior design software, it is better for brands to support it as a free app and to be able to use it to promote their products.

This is the underlying idea behind Roomstyler 3D Home Planner, which is provided as a free browser-based tool on the Roomstyler website, which is also our best interior design software 2020. As it is browser-based, it can also be run across different devices, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner Interior design online

How to use Room styler Home Planner? Easy-to-use interior design program

Using the app could not be easier.

The first thing we have to do is select the option to start a new room. You can then select and drop one of the rooms types they give you to choose from, draw your own shape or import an existing shape created in the Floor planner app.

If you look at the side, the bar gives you the option to choose between many options of furniture or options related to the architecture of the design you want to create. You have the possibility to choose between doors, windows, garden elements, etc. that can be used to make your designs more accurate and help you maximize the use of natural light.

After choosing your preferred room model, you can click on the little sofa icon and start placing furniture on it. The icon will display a sidebar with product categories: accessories, bathroom, bedroom, etc. You can even choose the people and animals you want to add, unicorns, chickens, and dinosaurs, as well as various common types such as office workers and medical staff.

Once you have created the basic model of the room, you are ready to click on the sofa icon and start placing furniture on it. What this icon will do is display on the side a list with product categories: items, dining room, kitchen, etc. Even if you want to see how the spaces look when there are people swarming around them, you can add real people and even animals.

pCon Planner Another free 3D interior design program

The free design app that follows is called pCon Planner. It is an online tool widely used in design by architects in the sector. In addition, if you have had the opportunity to go to the university, it will bring you good memories since it is installed on many computers since, being free, it is very helpful for training and marketing.

How to use the interior design program pCon planner

As essential features of pCon planner, we could say that it is a professional application that is easy to use when planning, configuring and creating spaces. It is often used by the world’s leading furniture manufacturers and distributors in their day-to-day work to create home and office environments. This interior design program allows you to create complex furniture concepts without having to complicate your life. The result, to tell the truth, is quite realistic, it is a design of quite quality.

the Edificius software

Among all of these software Blue world city  recommends this software as best. Among the functionalities that this interior design program offers is to create live representations, that is, it animates the scene you have created to present a much more realistic design.

Types of surveys to obtain a BIM model.

Edificius, the software for interior design and architectural design.

If you are into interior design, you surely need software that can handle both 2D and 3D modeling.

Imagine that you have to design a kitchen and you have to start from a DWG plan of the current state. You will need software that, by means of simple automation, can transform the initial 2D into a three-dimensional model, equipped with walls, doors, windows, etc., on which to work more efficiently. It is also essential to be able to make changes to the plan or section and obtain the 3D model, automatically updated and vice versa.

In general, you can get your model from:

  • a paper sketch of the current state, accompanied by sketches and measurements, or
  • drawings in 2D DWG / DXF, or
  • raster images of plants / cadastral plans, or
  • IFC files of the 3D model.

Let’s analyze how to operate in the four cases exposed. I anticipate that I will use Edificius, the ACCA software for architectural design. Download the free trial version of Edificius and follow all the instructions I give you step by step.

If you have to carry out an interior design of an existing space and you work in a traditional way, the first thing you will do is a personal visit and a paper sketch of the geometry with the measurements, raising walls, windows, etc., to later rebuild plant. In professional practice, this is still the most common method, especially for lifting internal spaces.

In 3D model of the paper sketch of house these are the main things to draw:

  • define the thickness of the envolvente vertical and draw a perimeter wall, inserting the measurements taken.
  • draw the other walls with the help of 2D graphic objects (guidelines, circles, etc.).
  • insert the floors with the envolvente horizontal.
  • define, if necessary, the structural mesh (you can use the magnetic grid).
  • insert doors and windows.
  • copies the plan on the other levels (in the case of a multi-level building).

By following these few steps, you will have created the complete model of the current state and you will be ready to continue with the interior design project, always taking advantage of all Edificius functions.